Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ page! Here, we've compiled answers to the questions we're asked most frequently by our valued customers. Can't find yours? Just ask!

How do I add Bank Account in The CoBuilders App?

Follow the following steps to set up your Bank Account in The CoBuilders app

Step1: Log into The CoBuilders mobile or web app

Step2: Click on the menu and select Payment Methods

Step3: Select Billing to add Bank Account.

Step4: Account will be verified and validated

Step5: After account is verified, Cleaner will be able to withdraw money earned into their accounts

What Percentage Do The CoBuilders Cleaners Get Paid?

Cleaners receive over 90% of the payment for each cleaning order, while CoBuilders only receive less than 3% as technology fees. The remaining portion covers various expenses, including taxes, marketing, and third-party payment processing fees. As an illustration, if a cleaning order is priced at $150, a cleaner can expect to earn $121.50 as their payment.

How do I claim cleaning where do I even see the cleaning that I claim

We send notifications only when cleaning requests within 50 miles of your location become available. For safety reasons, we do not list address for all cleaning requests at once.

I updated my profile picture but it keeps changing back to the old profile picture

Try the following Options:

  1. Turning off your phone, turning it back on and try replacing the picture, OR
  2. Sign out of your account and sign back in, then try replacing the picture, OR
  3. Reinstall the app and try replacing the picture.

How long does it take before appointment are offered to new Cleaners?

Job assignment is on first-come-first-serve basis. Meaning that the cleaner to accept first gets the job. Please remain signed in to your account and accept the job if you want to take it.

Where can I download the The CoBuilder app?

Search "The CoBuilders" on Google Playstore or Apple Store and follow download instructions.

Do I get paid if customer cancelled a cleaning request?

You will get a cancellation commission if you have already accepted the job and the customer already paid, but canceled the job. You will not get a commission if the customer has not paid for the job yet (even if you accepted the job).

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Frequently Asked Questions: Cleaner House Service

Welcome to The CoBuilders FAQ page! Here, we've compiled answers to some of the most common questions about our cleaner house service to help you understand how we can meet your home cleaning needs.

What is a Cleaner House Service?

A cleaner house service involves professional cleaners who come to your home to perform a range of cleaning tasks. This can include FreshNest - our regular maintenance cleaning, deep cleaning, and specialized services tailored to your specific needs. At The CoBuilders, our vetted professionals ensure your home stays spotless and well-maintained.

How Does The CoBuilders Cleaner House Service Work?
  1. Booking: Simply visit our website or download our app to book a service. You can select the type of cleaning service you need and choose a convenient date and time.
  2. Customization: Customize your cleaning plan based on your specific requirements. Whether you need a one-time deep clean or regular weekly maintenance, we’ve got you covered.
  3. Confirmation: Once you book, you'll receive a confirmation email with all the details.
  4. Cleaning Day: Our professional cleaner will arrive at your scheduled time, fully equipped to make your home shine.
What Types of Cleaning Services Do You Offer?
  • Standard Cleaning: General cleaning tasks such as vacuuming, dusting, mopping, and cleaning bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Deep Cleaning: More thorough cleaning that covers areas often overlooked during regular cleanings.
  • Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning: Detailed cleaning to make your home ready for new occupants or to leave it spotless when you move out.
  • Before/After Event Cleaning: Special cleaning services before or after events to ensure your home is spotless for guests or back to normal after a gathering.
  • Specialized Services: Includes window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and other specific requests.
Why Should I Choose The CoBuilders for My Cleaner House Service?
  1. Experienced Professionals: Our cleaners are thoroughly vetted and trained to provide high-quality cleaning services.
  2. Flexible Scheduling: We offer flexible scheduling options to fit your busy lifestyle.
  3. Satisfaction Guarantee: We aim to provide top-notch service and will address any concerns to ensure your complete satisfaction.
  4. Transparent Pricing: No hidden fees or surprise charges – you'll know exactly what you're paying for.
How Do I Prepare for a Cleaner House Service Appointment?
  1. Declutter: Remove any personal items or clutter from surfaces that need to be cleaned.
  2. Communicate: Inform us of any specific cleaning needs or areas of focus when you book your service.
  3. Access: Ensure the cleaner has access to your home. If you're not home, provide instructions on how to enter.
What Should I Expect During the First Cleaning?

During the first cleaning, our cleaner will perform a thorough assessment and cleaning of your home. This includes addressing all areas specified in your booking. If you have any specific requests or areas that need special attention, please let us know in advance.

Can I Trust The CoBuilders Cleaners in My Home?

Absolutely. All our cleaners undergo rigorous background checks and training to ensure they meet our high standards of professionalism and trustworthiness. Your safety and security are our top priorities.

What If I'm Not Satisfied with the Service?

If for any reason you're not satisfied with our cleaner house service, please contact us immediately. We offer a satisfaction guarantee and will work with you to address any issues and make things right. Check out our terms and conditions for more information.

How Do I Book a Cleaner House Service with The CoBuilders?

Booking is easy! Visit our website and fill out the booking form. You can also call us at 214-233- 5055 to schedule your service. Additionally, you can download our app to order or track your house cleaning services conveniently.

Contact Us

If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out. We're here to help!

We hope this FAQ has answered your questions about our cleaner house service. The CoBuilders is dedicated to providing exceptional cleaning services to make your home a cleaner, healthier, and more enjoyable place to live. Download our app today to experience the convenience of ordering and tracking your cleaning services on the go!